Chris Sanderson

The Future Laboratory

When in your career have you valued dissent the most?

The Future Laboratory’s motto is Sapere Aude: Dare To Know. This was the catch-cry of the period of 18th C history known as The ReEnlightenment. I am challenged on a daily basis by my conviction that I have to fight against my own resistance to change and a residual desire for normalcy. Central to this is embracing a culture of dissent – or deviancy – in its truest sense. This is a term critical to what we do here at The Lab – deviancy is all about being different, contrary to, or ahead of the mainstream in terms of your thinking, choices or decision-making processes. It’s about identifying and driving new trends and innovations, as well as appreciating why deviant or divergent thinking is a skill to be cultivated by forecasters. At The Future Laboratory we are a family of deviants drawn together not just by job or financial requirement but a real interest in difference in the everyday and the extraordinary.