Who else is coming?
Why should I attend?
When is PAKCon happening and how long is it?
Why PAKCon?

Before the Event

How can I approach the organiser team if I have any questions?
How can I talk to the Project A recruiting team?
What is the difference between paid and free tickets?
Can I still apply to become a sponsor or partner?
How many people will attend PAKCon 2022?
Will there be talks in any other language besides English?
Where can I find information about talks and speakers?
Can I still apply for a speaker slot?
Who can attend and how can I get a ticket?
Where will the event take place?

During the Event

What are COVID regulations at the event?
How can I attend Expert Round Tables or PAKCon & Dine?
How can I attend PAKCon Night?
How can I attend speed networking?
Will it be possible to interact with the speakers and ask questions online?
Who else has access to the attendee details?
How do I report a code of conduct issue?
Is there a code of conduct for this event?
How can I network with other attendees?
How do I access the event?

After the Event

How can I leave feedback about the event?
Will I be able to watch the presentations after the event?