About Pakcon

You’ve got two options to join this years Knowledge Conference. Buy a ticket for direct access or apply for a chance to win a free ticket.  

The Project A Knowledge Conference
7 October 2022, Berlin, Kino in der Kulturbrauerei

Premium Access

Paid, but guaranteed access
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Guaranteed access to the full day of knowledge
Guaranteed seats at the speed networking with investors, recruiters and PAKCon partners
Guaranteed access to PAKCon Night
Free food and drinks
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Free Ticket

Free, but no guaranteed access
We believe in the power of a great community. That’s what PAKCon is all about.
It’s important for our attendees to have related interests and professional backgrounds. 
This is why we ask you to apply for a ticket. It gives us the chance to ensure that each attendee will get something out of the conference.
You’ll be informed via e-mail of the status of your application.
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