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Project A Knowledge Conference - 8 October 2021

What's PAKCon?

Our annual Project A Knowledge Conference – short PAKCon – is a one-day conference for anyone who is interested in digital innovation, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. Experts from every area of digital operations will share their insights and best practices. From marketing to development, from sales to branding, from data science to product management: We’ve got you covered. And this year we’re going hybrid, meaning you’ll have the chance to participate and network either online or on-site.

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Get early access to our limited number of tickets. Due to reduced capacities, around 200 attendees will be able to join us for a look behind the scenes on-site. Online attendees will benefit from great networking opportunities, exceptional talks and discussions, as well as exclusive online content. We’ll even connect our on-site and online audiences through collaboration platforms. Stay tuned for more information.

Your safety is our priority. We comply with the latest health regulations.

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