The Art of Dissent

Project A Knowledge Conference – 8 October 2021

About Pakcon

Our annual Project A Knowledge Conference – short PAKCon – is a one-day conference for anyone who is interested in digital innovation, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. Experts from every area of digital operations will share their insights and best practices. From marketing to development, from sales to branding, from data science to product management: We’ve got you covered. And this year we’re going hybrid, meaning you’ll have the chance to participate and network either online or on-site.


What we believe in


The Art of Dissent

Dissent challenges the status quo. We believe the power of dissent lies in good manners and accepting other viewpoints. We want to listen, reason, and learn. Not in monologues, but in dialogues.


Been There, Done That

We don't make knowledge accessible – we make experience accessible. Our contributors aim to master professional challenges with a hands-on approach, just like us. The insights we share stem from true operational experts.


We Embrace Diversity

Diversity enhances creativity and provides new perspectives. But it goes beyond employing people from various backgrounds. A variety of skills, disciplines, and viewpoints helps you grow – personally and professionally.


What to expect

We have so much in store
Our programme is packed with ridiculously good content that’s spread across different touchpoints – both online and on-site. Want to meet people? Check out our networking lounge. Looking for insights and deep dives? Head straight to our masterclass sessions. Want to get to know our portfolio companies? Get to know them in their presentations. No matter what your motivation, there’s an offer for you. Find out more.
The Main Stage
This is the epicentre of the conference. The knowledge hub with the greatest minds of the startup ecosystem. You’ll find information and updates on the programme as well as interviews with guests, keynote speakers and partners. It’ll be informal and conversational with a bit of fun sprinkled in for good measure. 
Talent lounge
Looking for a new role? If you’ve got skills to offer, we’re ready to talk. The talent lounge is a place for you to meet our recruiters and find out more about our open positions — at our portfolio companies as well as at Project A. Plus you’ll get tips on how to get hired and how to tackle the challenges that job seekers typically face.
This is the heart and soul of our conference. It’s where we go deep on all the topics that are essential for growth— from tech and product, to marketing and branding. If you’re a seasoned professional who wants to power up your knowledge, this is the place for you. Each session will be a compact 20-min masterclass run by a renowned expert or an up-and-coming talent. There’s so much knowledge for you to soak up, we’re spreading the sessions across different locations – online and on-site. To keep you on your toes, we’ll have insights presented in a range of different formats such as presentations, panel discussions, more informal fireside chats and maybe even a fun activity or two.
Here’s your chance to mingle and make new connections. We expect the number of attendees to be even larger this year. So you’ll have seemingly endless possibilities to connect with like-minded people. In addition to the regular on-site networking formats, such as a networking corner, we’ll offer several online formats to connect with your peers. We’ll even connect our online audiences with our online attendees. Book 1:1 video calls with other attendees or speakers, attend round table sessions centred around different topics or just meet informally for a virtual or on-site coffee.
PAKCon side events
Our partners, portfolio companies and friends will host an array of side events happening around the PAKCon. Discuss and connect with peers by scoring an invitation to one of the exclusive round tables, dinners and other side events. Learn from people who have faced the same challenges as you, and network with thought leaders, partners, founders, and like minded people. More infos to follow soon.

Why Pakcon?


We don’t sell to you, we enable you. You'll get insights from real experts. No product placements, no ads, no bullshit.


From our community, for our community. Our contributors are part of our network – from our portfolio to friendly companies.


Got insights? Great, feel free to share! We don’t bet on big names but on real experience from past projects.


We don't sell, but we also don't buy. We don't pay speakers and you don't pay for tickets. Easy as that.


Learn from doers, not talkers. Our contributors have seen it all – because they’ve done it all.


Get a foot in the door. Whether you’re looking for a job or a foothold in the startup ecosystem – we’ve got you covered.


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The Art of Dissent

Project A Knowledge Conference - 8 October 2021