Sales Hive


Are you looking to redefine your revenue game?

The PAKCon Sales Hive is a one-day event uniting the leading sales & revenue operators amongst us to unleash new revenue potential in the current market environment. We will be discussing and challenging the, as we believe, most critical topics in today’s revenue landscape. This is not just another conference - it's a call to action for sharing best practices and crafting winning strategies that will transform the way we think about revenue generation.


In keynote sessions, panel talks and interactive workshops we will be addressing topics to activate revenue.



Venue to be announced soon - stay tuned!


Is this a Hive you should be part of? Then fill the registration form and make sure that you select this Hive to secure your application spot - we look forward to it! While we prioritize Project A portfolio companies, a selected few from outside the portfolio will also be invited to join.



More talks will be announced soon.