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Tech Day ignites a synergy of great ideas, best practices and modern technologies, providing CTOs, CPOs, Engineers, and Product Managers a unique platform for knowledge exchange and networking.

If you want to participate and be more than a guest: Our Call for papers is open.

Why Attend?

Our event takes place at Google’s Berlin headquarters, where the Project A tech community can come together for a one-day knowledge-sharing experience packed with practical insights, deep dives, and networking opportunities. Here are some compelling reasons why CPOs, CTOs, product leaders, and engineers should attend this tech-focused event:

  1. Enhanced Networking: Connect with top tech professionals, industry experts, and fellow thought leaders. These connections can lead to future collaborations, mentorship opportunities, and valuable support systems.
  2. Actionable Knowledge: Gain practical, hands-on insights and best practices from tech pioneers. Learn strategies that you can immediately implement to improve your projects and processes.
  3. Strategic Vision: Enrich your strategic decision-making with comprehensive deep dives into current tech challenges and solutions. Strengthen your ability to position your organization competitively in the market.
  4. Interdisciplinary Cooperation: Promote stronger collaboration between your technical and product teams. Leverage this synergy to accelerate the development and delivery of innovative solutions.



Is this a Hive you should be part of? Then fill the registration form and make sure that you select this Hive to secure your application spot - we look forward to it! While we prioritize Project A portfolio companies, a selected few from outside the portfolio will also be invited to join.



More talks will be announced soon.